What is Wellness Coaching?


Wellness coaching is ...

A partnership of equals:

  • You are the expert on your life, experiences, and wellness goals
  • I serve as your guide through a change process.


Wellness coaching is ...

  • Based in a holistic view of health and wellness: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental
  • A partnership between coach and client focused on sustainable, long-term behavior change
  • Grounded in the present, forward-looking, oriented toward positive change
  • A research-based process developed by Duke Health
  • Assess eight areas of your life and health and identify:

           - Where you are now                                 

            - Where you want to be                                          

            - What you want to change in order to move forward


Why Wellness Coaching for people with chronic pain?

Because the focus is on creating positive change, moving forward, and a shared belief that a more vibrant future is possible.

During my decades with chronic pain, I sometimes went online in search of help and connection.  Chronic pain support groups, chat rooms, social media communities; none of it appealed to me.  So much of my life was dominated by pain management: Doctor visits, medication schedules, emergencies, insurance battles.  I did not want to talk any more about my pain or its negative impacts on my life.  I wanted to look forward, find purpose, focus on dreams and aspirations that had nothing to do with addressing my pain issues.  But I had no idea how to do that.  I was not my pain; but I felt defined by and reduced to it.

I chose to pursue wellness coaching because of its forward-looking focus on positive change; it’s what I was looking for, and what I offer my clients.   I’m not a medical doctor, therapist, or subject matter expert, and I don’t give advice or make recommendations on how to manage your pain or your life.  I am a process expert, a skilled facilitator, an empathetic listener, a change guide well-versed in the process of successful goal setting.  I bring to the process my lived experience with chronic pain, though I don't hold my personal experience up as a model for you to follow.  Individual coaching is paired with group sessions, where you connect with others with chronic pain who are also on a change journey.  

 You can read my story and client change stories on the about page, and check us out on Instagram.  

Contact me to schedule a free phone consultation to help you decide if this process and community might be a good next step for you.  You are not alone.