A little about me …  

In the early 2000's I was working as a career coach, helping adults in career transition who experienced the unwanted change of job loss coupled with a difficult employment market.  I loved helping people make positive changes in their lives and careers.  I worked full time with a long commute, took care of home and family.  I had a busy, fulfilling, active life.  Then came my own unwanted change.

I developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a chronic condition that eventually forced me to leave the workforce.  My life and the way I viewed myself fundamentally changed from a healthy, active and self-sufficient person to someone dependent on others whose whole life revolved around medications, doctors, and managing and accommodating pain.  This condition and its negative impacts continued for over twenty years.

In 2022, I learned about the effect of trauma on the nervous system, neuroplasticity, methods for 'brain retraining' and other science-based tools, techniques and processes for relieving chronic pain. I began using some of these tools and methods and my pain greatly diminished!  For the first time in decades I had options, and I decided to study health and wellness coaching so I could return to my passion of helping others.

I still work to overcome the kind of obstacles many of us with chronic pain face: Powerful anxiety, a strong inner critic, perfectionism.  I know how hard it can be to redefine yourself and your life after many years of suffering and isolation, but I also know firsthand that it is possible.

I hold a certificate in health and well-being coaching from Duke University Health, a bachelor’s degree in psychology from California State University at Fullerton, and a master’s degree in organizational psychology from Alliant University.  

What clients say …

The best part of group coaching with Diane and my group specifically is the incredible amount of community, understanding, compassion, and support we have all shown for each other. Diane keeps us all on track with our goals while giving us grace when we are struggling and helping us realize progress when we feel defeated.  Even though we all have very different lives, backgrounds, and health conditions, we all share in the moments of our journeys that are almost exactly the same - ie. pain, after-activity fatigue, being hard on ourselves.  We all find comfort in knowing that we are not alone and we understand what each other are going through. We all have excellent ideas on how the other can get closer to our goals or work through those really BAD fatigue and pain days. They keep me accountable for my actions just by being there.  Sharing our experiences with each other and with Diane has been instrumental for my growth in ways that I never could have dreamed of.  

-A.J., Santee, CA


I didn't know what to expect from health coaching, and before I began my sessions with Diane I had a lot of fear of "failure." By my third session with her however, I didn't think about failure anymore. Instead I was learning to work with my own strengths and to honor my own rhythms. I started listening to what my body was telling me it needed in order to heal. My journey became one of self-awareness and self-compassion, a path which naturally propels itself forward towards better health. This was made possible through Diane's unique ability to deeply listen and reflect back in a way that is not only validating, but subtly transformative. Her approach is expertly executed and highly effective.    

- A.D., New Bern, NC


I learned through coaching that I am more capable of accomplishing personal goals than I thought I was and that it's becoming okay to do so.  Diane’s reflections back to me of my goals and thoughts helped me to come up with my own decisions as to what would be doable and productive.  I felt accountable, but I didn't feel pressured. I realized through talking with Diane that although it's hard to do things for myself, it helps everyone in my life as well.  The most positive aspects of group coaching are the support of the group members, and Diane's ability to focus us back on goal setting. It helps hearing how others are coping and dealing with chronic pain and celebrating each person's victories.   

-W.C., CA


Diane is such a patient and kind person, she was always supportive and helpful, even when I felt like my challenges were too hard to manage. After my sessions with her, I feel like a have a good understanding of how to apply a similar approach to other challenges that lay ahead.    

-J.O., St. Lambert, QC, CAN


What was most positive about coaching was having the opportunity to be challenged to write down goals. I re-learned that I get stuck, sometimes, and need someone to help me see the big picture and not the myopic view I fall into when things aren't going well.   

-J.F., Oceanside, CA


I think the coaching helped me really see that just breaking things down into super small goals and doing what I can leads to long term progress.   

-L.P., Livonia, MI


 The most positive experience was being able to really focus on where I want my life to be.  A lot of the ideas I discussed with Diane about making positive changes for my health and wellness were things that I had been pondering for some time. Diane helped me find the right amount of challenge, goals that were doable without being too overwhelming.  

-C.B., Aptos, CA