What is the Chronic Pain Cooperative?

The Chronic Pain Cooperative is a virtual wellness community for people with chronic pain and other chronic conditions.  Our mission is to move forward together with intention, self-awareness, compassion and commitment toward happier, healthier, more vibrant lives.  

Hi, Iā€™m Diane Goepp, certified wellness coach, chronic pain survivor, and founder of the Chronic Pain Cooperative.  I started the Chronic Pain Cooperative to create something I had searched for myself:  A process for moving forward and a positive community to share the journey.

How it works:  

Membership includes one-on-one wellness coaching paired with monthly group sessions, all designed to help clients achieve long-term behavior changes aligned with their wellness goals.


1.    I use a research-based change process and assessment tool designed by Duke University Health:

          We start with weekly individual coaching sessions* where I help you
              - set wellness goals
              - develop a change plan
              - start your change journey

2.    Following individual coaching, join our facilitated group sessions* where members meet monthly and

ā€ƒā€ƒā€ƒ          - report progress toward goals
             - discuss challenges
             - support and learn from each other

3.    Members stay connected between group sessions through weekly status updates.

I also offer group workshops* in partnership with community service organizations to their members.


*All sessions via zoom


For a free phone consultation or to find out more please enter your email below or contact me at chronicpaincooperative@gmail.com